Weekly Writing Challenge #1

Write about how two old bicycles are embedded in a tree

“How much further?”

The boy looked back and said, “Not much, we’re almost there.”

The girl stopped and said, “That’s what you said ten minutes ago.”

“I swear, we are really almost there.”

Putting her hands on her hips, she said, “You swear? Hah! I don’t understand why you dragged me out here anyways. Why couldn’t you just Instagram it and let me see it then.”

Exasperatedly the boy said, “I told you, it’s not the same thing. This is something you have to see for yourself in person.”

“Well, I’m tired, I’m hot, and I’m not going to take another step in this blasted forest until you tell me what we are going to see.”

“I told you, it’s a surprise. You can stay here if you want, I’m going ahead.”

“Oh no you don’t. Leave me to get lost in the forest? Are you trying to get me killed?”

“No,” he sighed. “But it is just at the top of this hill, if I’m telling a lie, then I’ll carry you home.”

“Okay, I guess, but it better be close.”

A few minutes later, the boy stopped and said, “We’re here.”

The girl looked around and said, “Where’s here? I don’t see anything special, just trees and more trees.”

“Look up.”

They both looked up and saw two old bicycles in the tree.

“Really? You brought me all this way to see that someone tossed some bikes in a tree? I could have have gone to the dump and seen old bikes. Heck, I could have just wandered around the town and seen bikes laying around. Are you freaking serious?”

“Look closer, the bikes weren’t just tossed into the tree, they are part of the tree. They must have been left here a long time ago and a tree grew through them and raised them up. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?”

“If it hadn’t been so far from home, maybe.”

“Oh c’mon, those bikes must be a hunnert years old to be so far up in the tree. Just think of it, no one but us knows that they are here. And look on the other side of the tree what I carved.”

“Oh how sweet, you carved our initials that no one else will see either. Bobby, I swear sometimes I don’t know what gets into your head. I love you and all that, but this is a bit weird, even for you. I’m going home.”

Bobby watched Shirley turn and head back downhill towards home. He looked again up at the bicycles embedded in the tree and then at Shirley’s back. This did not go the way he thought it was going to go.

He muttered sarcastically, “Try to be romantic, she said.”

“I heard that! Next time, buy me flowers.”

Want to be part of the Weekly Writing Challenge? Using the prompt above, write your story and publish it with a link to this story. Make sure you tag it either md-wwc or #md-wwc.

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