A New Story

Decided to forgo writing on my NaNo book tonight. Instead I started a new story called, “My Cancer Journey”. It is a memoir of sorts. Tonight, I wrote an astounding 2,600 words. I’m maybe a third of the way through the story. I plan on editing and revising and polishing it up after I finish the first draft. Then I’ll post it on here in a new page as it is rather lengthy for a normal post.

I decided to write this because of two things. One, I want to keep the posts on the blog more focused on writing. I’ll still do health updates when warranted on the blog. Secondly, I felt that I needed to chronicle my Cancer Journey.

I do not want it to be a bullet point of things that have happened. That is not only boring to me, but most likely boring to anyone who would dare attempt to read it. Instead, I’m going for the story telling aspect. I’m also adding in how I felt at the time as best that I remember it. Throwing in a few anecdotes to keep things interesting and to advance the story. Right now, I’m projecting the story to be about 8,000 words. It could grow to much more to keep it not only interesting but informative.

Of course, my journey is not complete, so the story will grow as time goes on. Between you and me, I’m hoping on a happy ending. Otherwise, the story will end abruptly and be most unsatisfying to the reader, but especially for me as I’ll probably be taking a very long dirt nap.

The NaNo book? Oh yeah, with me switching to Cancer Journey story, I believe I’ll clear my head and find a way to advance the NaNo book story at a later date. The pressure of writing every day and making a set amount of words is stifling to my creativity.

Writing to me is a joy and a deep pleasure. When I craft a perfect sentence, a perfect paragraph, it’s sublime. Then I go back and edit it again and again and like magic, it’s even better. NaNo took the joy and pleasure out of writing for me. It became a chore, a drudgery and killed my wonder of creating a story.

I’ll not begrudge nor regret attempting NaNo, as I felt I’ve learnt quite a bit about my writing process. It has helped me to see where I need to focus and most of all, to appreciate my writing.

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