Remember This?

I won’t give it away, but when I saw this picture, it took me back to the days of innocence, wonder and … aw, who am I kidding. A time of exploration, debauchery and lost nights.

What does this picture say to you?

Update: From the comments, it was suggested I do a google search for drive-in movies near me. Here’s what I found:

Sun Ray’s Drive-in is a small, single screen drive-in movie theater located in Jacksonville, Florida. The owners of the drive-in are Tim Massett and Shana David-Massett and they had operated an independent, indoor movie theater in Jacksonville called Sun Ray’s cinema since 2013. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the Massetts decided to open a pop-up, temporary drive-in. However, the drive-in did so well, the Massetts decided to make the drive-in a permanent feature. They purchased some land for the drive-in and invested in a permanent screen and new digital projector. They started showing movies at the drive-in’s current location during the second weekend of January. The drive-in is an intimate experience and will hold about 65 cars. The drive-in has a food truck owned by the cinema as well as allows other food vendors at times. The Sun Ray’s Drive-in brings a permanent drive-in theater back to Jacksonville as before its opening, the last drive-in theater in Jacksonville closed back in 2008. Movie audio for the drive-in is transmitted on 94.1FM. Sun Ray’s Drive-in has digital projection and shows both first run and classic movies. Admission is currently $20 per carload.

I may have to see about going.