Some Days …

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Some days, I don’t feel like writing. Some days, I want to write but am fresh out of ideas.

Today is one of those days.

However, I am being productive as I have finally knocked off one of my “To Do” tasks. I’ve completed the setup of the Storylines page. I’ll be updating it as I continue a series or start new ones.

This is by no means an original idea to setup this page. I saw it over on The Mansionic Perspective by Tom Merriman and pretty much stole the format from him.

Currently I have the following series going:

  • Harmony (Six Sentence Stories)
  • Harry Gruen (Can be read in any order)
  • The Curse
  • Brandon Sanderson YouTube Lectures.

Harry Gruen is about to join the Six Sentence Story this Wednesday (Spoiler Alert)


100th Post

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I can’t believe this is my 100th post. I started this blog a little over three months ago, writing daily mostly. In that short period of time, I’ve learned quite a bit.

At first, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I had to say. I was using this as a daily journal. Along the way, people started following my blog. Then they started Liking posts and commenting on them. A couple of times I tried writing posts specifically to garner views, likes and comments. Every single one of them failed. This reminded me of my purpose in blogging, not to elicit public praise, but to put down my thoughts, feelings and ideas down each day to remind myself of my journey.

No one lives in a vacuum and this is true for me also. I’ve had encouragement from the beginning from various bloggers. Seeing how this is Christmas day, it is only appropriate that I give a shout out to each one and why they have meant so much to me.

Jess at Scratching to Escape gave me a boost right at the start. Years ago when I was doing a political blog, we became friends. He has been writing his thoughts for years. I’m deeply indebted to him.

Claudia at ClaudiaJustSaying and Seriously Just Saying was the first to give me encouragement about my writings. My insecurities were high at the time and she did me a great service.

John at Wilder, Wealthy and Wise has been a godsend. He has patiently beta read my stories and provided insightful feedback along with proofreading. His comments are always something to look forward to as they invariably are upbeat. He is my biggest cheerleader.

Trina at Its good to be crazy Sometimes has helped spread my writings by linking to my posts. This has led me to meet new friends. At first, I thought that blogging is mostly a solitary endeavor, but through Trina, I’m realizing that it is a community. One that I’m proud to be a member.

Rhyan at MADD FICTIONAL has been an inspiration to me. His short stories are amazing and plentiful. I can only hope one day to emulate him.

Thank you all and to all that visit that I did not mention. Each of you has made my life better.

In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to add one more link. Madworld Medic writes of his life as an EMT. It’s gritty, truthful and insightful. He has been going through a rough time lately. Take a little time today and go wish him a Merry Christmas.

May you all have a Merry Christmas and God Bless You!

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