Weekly Writing Challenge #34 – Control

Prompt – Going Green. What is your concern?

Photo by Mike B on Pexels.com

Going Green. Sustainability. Eco-Friendly. Climate Change. Global Warming

Short answer, they are all about control.

Doesn’t matter how you dress it up, or what words you use, all of the above have the same basic reasoning. Human beings are terrible for the environment, Mother Earth, nature and Gaia. Only we can help heal the earth and we must all do our part, even if we must force people to do so. We have to reduce, reuse and replant.

Funny thing though, the people that are either the most vocal or contribute the most money to vocal groups are all very rich people. You know, the ones that live in beachfront mansions all the while preaching that the seas are rising and we must all stop using fossil fuels. The same ones that jet in private aircraft all over the world giving themselves parties and patting themselves on the back that only they know what is best for the masses.

Here’s a fun little fact that is not well known and ties right in with the subject of this essay. In the late 1800’s John D. Rockefeller paid, influenced and otherwise coerced the journalists of the day that they needed to call petroleum a fossil fuel. That oil came from dinosaurs. This was repeated so often, that it is now “settled science” that oil does indeed come only from dinosaurs. However, there was and has never been a scientific study about oil that shows it comes from dinosaurs. In fact, it has been debunked conclusively, but never reported widely. Rockefeller had a whole bunch of oil and needed the price to go up. That’s why he concocted the tale of dinosaurs to make it seem like oil is finite and scarce.

While on the subject of oil and gas, let’s look at the newest rage, the electric car. Sounds like a great idea on the surface doesn’t it? I even toyed with getting a Tesla last year. The price was a tad too high for me and the downsides of an electric car were manyfold. The range of the electric car is about 300 miles give or take. Unless you have loaded down your car with a full complement of passengers and luggage, like if you were going on vacation. Then the milage decreases. Instead of pulling into a fueling station and filling up and being on your way in minutes, you can look forward to sitting around a convivence store for at least an hour and it will cost you about the same as filling up a conventional car.

But wait, electric cars are supposed to save you money aren’t they? If anybody has taken a good look at their electric bill, then you might have noticed it has increased, sometimes double in the last few years. Now add in plugging in your electric car and the bill will only rise higher.

As I said in the beginning, it is all about control of the masses. If you mandate that everyone drive an electric car, then the days of driving cross-country is pretty much over. All this in effect, controls your movement. Not to mention reports of Tesla’s being shut down when their lease is up and locking people out of their car.

As far as climate change, the single biggest factor in our climate is that big bright beautiful object that comes up in the morning in the east and goes down in the evening in the west. Yes, that huge ball of fire in the sky. Our sun ebbs and wans in a lifecycle that we are only just now beginning to understand. It affects our global temperature dramatically. The so-called green scientists and alarmists are worried about a 1 degree increase in temperature. Funny how just before dawn it is not only darkest but coldest too. Within a few hours the temperature can rise not just 1 degree, but 10 to 20 to 30 degrees or more.

All of the above are just a few examples of why going green is a nothing more than the so-called elites having control over you, me and the rest of us that aren’t rich. There are many more ways they are exerting control over us. Ask yourself when someone like Bill Gates, George Soros, and Barak Obama say we must do this or that, who benefits? And more importantly are they following their own dictates?

Going green…. pfft

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