Echo – A series by Kent Wayne

Kent Wayne or as we know him in the blogging world as Dirty Sci-fi Buddha has a great series of books that I just finished. Normally I don’t do reviews because I’m pretty sucky at them. I felt compelled to review all four volumes on Amazon. I thought it would be pretty neat to put them all here at once.

Echo Volume 1 – Approaching Shatter – 4/5 stars

I had to deduct one star due to the length being quite short for a novel. The author added the first 3 chapters of the next book to pad it out, but as I had already planned on reading it, I skipped the preview.

This volume introduces us to the world of Echo. It also sets stage for the main character. There is just enough action to keep it interesting. You might be tempted to skip this volume but don’t! It’s crucial to the rest of the story. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was eager to read the volume 2

Echo Volume 2 – A Taste of Ashes – 5/5 stars

The action heats up in this volume and never stops. It just keeps ramping up with little short respites that let you catch your breath. Every time I thought it couldn’t get more tense, the author turns up the heat even more.

The military sci-fi is spot on. I really liked this volume.

Echo Volume 3 – The Dialectic of Agony – 5/5 stars

After reading volume 2, I almost took a break but I’m glad I dove into volume 3. This is probably my favorite of the series. We go from military sci-fi to fantasy and back again. The author split the volume between two main characters that will be eventually intertwined.

The storytelling is engrossing. I was tempted to read all night long.

Echo Volume 4 – The Last Edge of Darkness – 5/5 stars

As a conclusion to the series, I did not expect this. Not much action for the first 2/3 of the book, but then WOW! The ending was great. Tremendous kudos to the author for introducing concepts that generally most people shy from. The way he introduces Time Concepts, morality and religion is thoughtful and you are eased into it. I’ve read other books with these concepts and they seemed preachy. Not this one.

Fantastic series all in all. I probably could have devoted more time to my writings, but instead spent hours reading. Time well spent in my opinion.