Yay for the Weekend!

Photo by Maksim Romashkin on Pexels.com

It’s been a hell of a week at work. Not to mention we are in a hot humid heat wave that feels like you walk into an oven whenever you go outside. It’s baking everything. No wonder Floridians are crazy.

Then we have an afternoon thunderstorm every day. Usually about the time I’m ready to go home. Drivers here think that if it is sprinkling just a bit, then they need to slow down from 60 mph to 30 mph. Makes for a long commute home. Not to mention the wrecks caused by half the drivers going fast and the other half driving timidly.

To add to the confusion, a good portion of the drivers are from other states. They have recently moved here and still don’t know their way around. Especially since the whole damn city is always under construction.

Regardless, I somehow make it home safe each day. After driving a 30 foot box truck all day, when I get into my economy car, it feels like I’m lying down on the road.

Tomorrow is rototilling day! Hooray! Okay, that may be a bit sarcastic. First though, I have to get up early to get my blood drawn. Hopefully that won’t take too long so I can do the yardwork before it gets too hot. That’s generally about 8 am around here.

Posting will be light tomorrow as I plan on doing my final revisions on my memoir. I’ve been putting it off all week. Yes, shame on me. However, I’ve gotten my writing juices back as I’ve been posting stories all week. Yeah, let’s go with that excuse.

The writing prompt for this week is going to be a doozy.