Who Knew?

Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

Last week, I made a concentrated effort to write a short story each day. They were more in the size of Flash Fiction. Some I really liked and could have the potential to be published if I didn’t publish it on my blog. I did not know this. Apparently there is a market for Flash Fiction.

I received an email from Authors Publish today. If you haven’t signed up there, you really need to do so. Today’s email was a listing of 45 Themed Calls for Submission (Forty-Five!!!).

They give a brief explanation of what each magazine is looking for. It’s a pretty varied list. I’m sure that no matter what story I concoct, I can find at least one that I can submit too. It’s not just flash fiction. There’s poetry, prose and believe it or not, one that rewards you a grant in residency of $72,000.

I really enjoyed the challenge of writing the stories last week. Honestly though, I am a writer and I want to be an Author. To do that, I have to get something published. Yes, I’m still working on my book, but that is in the future. I figure that if I can get some stories published now, then I would more likely have a step up for publishing my book.

I’m not completely na├»ve, just a wee bit. I realize that probably most of my readers already know about these sites, but just in case I feel obligated to spread the word. So many have helped me in my journey to be an Author.