Book Cover Idea

First try, so I’m not expecting rave reviews. What’s good? What’s bad about this design?

I created it using Canva. Not sure about all the features, so I probably missed something.



So this happened at work. A customer that had an appointment for our showroom so she could order a high-end bathtub ended up in the ditch. Not sure what she was thinking.

A tow truck pulled her out of the ditch and they tried starting the car and lo and behold it started. She drove it back and forth to get the water out of the exhaust. Besides having a bunch of vegetation stuck on her front bumper, it seemed to be okay.

Our delivery driver showed up shortly after and said he saw at least four vehicles in ditches. People here in Florida can’t drive worth a lick.

Guess What?

Photo by Mark König on Unsplash

It’s been a long day at work. I’m tired and not feeling well today. My brain is full on mush and has decided to take a holiday for the evening. I’m going to veg out and watch Witcher on Netflix.

Bonus points to whoever knows the significance of the image above. First one to get it correct gets 1,000 points. Second one to get it, gets negative 10,000 points.

Remember This?

I won’t give it away, but when I saw this picture, it took me back to the days of innocence, wonder and … aw, who am I kidding. A time of exploration, debauchery and lost nights.

What does this picture say to you?

Update: From the comments, it was suggested I do a google search for drive-in movies near me. Here’s what I found:

Sun Ray’s Drive-in is a small, single screen drive-in movie theater located in Jacksonville, Florida. The owners of the drive-in are Tim Massett and Shana David-Massett and they had operated an independent, indoor movie theater in Jacksonville called Sun Ray’s cinema since 2013. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the Massetts decided to open a pop-up, temporary drive-in. However, the drive-in did so well, the Massetts decided to make the drive-in a permanent feature. They purchased some land for the drive-in and invested in a permanent screen and new digital projector. They started showing movies at the drive-in’s current location during the second weekend of January. The drive-in is an intimate experience and will hold about 65 cars. The drive-in has a food truck owned by the cinema as well as allows other food vendors at times. The Sun Ray’s Drive-in brings a permanent drive-in theater back to Jacksonville as before its opening, the last drive-in theater in Jacksonville closed back in 2008. Movie audio for the drive-in is transmitted on 94.1FM. Sun Ray’s Drive-in has digital projection and shows both first run and classic movies. Admission is currently $20 per carload.

I may have to see about going.