Brandon Sanderson – Lecture #1 Intro

Overall impression is that Brandon is not only knowledgeable but also funny. The time flew by watching this intro. At first, I thought to skip this lecture as Intro usually don’t have a lot of information, but I’m glad I did watch it. I highly encourage you to start with this video.

Intro’s usually give you a preview of what’s to come and this was no exception. Brandon is going to go over the Nuts and Bolts of writing and focus on 4 key areas which are, Plot, Setting, Character, and Business.

He gives reasons for taking the class. Communicate better and What does my success look like. You don’t have to be interested in Sci-Fi to take the class.

His writing advice?

  • Try a few things
  • Practice some more
  • See if you get better
  • If not, try something else

Sounds like what I’ve been doing since I started this blog way back in October of 2021.

Also, how you write is individual. The way I write is not going to be the way you write. Do what works for you, but above all be consistent.

At the end, he goes into detail about writing groups which is a tool. He gives some loose guidelines.

This is a barebones summary of the Intro. I’m ready to watch the rest of the series now because of this Intro. I’ll be doing a quick review after each one. So join me in learning a bit about writing because – What have you got to lose?

All lectures of Brandon Sanderson are now linked on the Storylines page if you wish to follow along in order.


So this happened at work. A customer that had an appointment for our showroom so she could order a high-end bathtub ended up in the ditch. Not sure what she was thinking.

A tow truck pulled her out of the ditch and they tried starting the car and lo and behold it started. She drove it back and forth to get the water out of the exhaust. Besides having a bunch of vegetation stuck on her front bumper, it seemed to be okay.

Our delivery driver showed up shortly after and said he saw at least four vehicles in ditches. People here in Florida can’t drive worth a lick.

Valentine’s Day Advice For Men Only

Women – Do NOT read any further. Do NOT pass GO, Do NOT collect $200.


Men, it’s that time of year again. Where we are expected to dredge from deep in our souls that emotion that women expect and try to be romantic for one day of the year. Most of you will find it difficult if not impossible to do so. Never fear, due to my years of experience, I’m here to dispense my otherworldly advice so you never have to fear this day again.

If you are single and in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is a pretty easy day to miss. About a week before Valentine’s Day, all you do is pick a small fight.(make sure it is small, otherwise the plan goes down the crapper). Then you simply announce you want to break up. A week or so after Valentine’s day, go and profess your stupidity to your intended. Blame it on stress, your mother, her mother, the dog, the weather or anything else you can think of. Just don’t blame her and she will be sure to take you back and forget that you completely missed Valentine’s Day. This strategy will work for Christmas, her birthday or any other occasion. However, repeated use of this strategy will result in your loved one refusing to take you back after one too many times.

However, if your intended one is the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with, then a completely different strategy is on the table. It’s a bit late this year, but keep it in mind for next year. Start planning the most romantic date night you can right after the New Year’s. You need the full six weeks as it must contain elements of surprise, thought and quite possibly a whole lot of money. You have to put yourself in her shoes, and think about what would be romantic to her. In addition, go out and get that engagement ring ensuring that it is a perfect fit without her knowing. At some point in the evening, you are going to propose to her. My favorite is to propose in the same spot where you two first met. Preferably with live music lightly being played while rose petals fall from the sky on your heads.

The main point is to go completely over the top. The more intricate the proposal, the better. This in effect, sets the bar so high that you will never be able to top it. Lightly suggest this idea as the evening winds down. You might say, this is a lot of work, and you would be right. You have to think long game here. From that night, you will never have to do a whole lot on Valentines. A card, some flowers, maybe coffee in bed. Quick, easy-peasy and doesn’t require much for the rest of your life.

Suppose you are already married and just now turning to me for advice. You have been tortured yearly with trying to be romantic and usually you come up short. You get that fake smile and the look of what an idiot you are each and every Valentine’s Day. Again, you have to look at the long game here. Each Valentine’s Day in the future, do a little bit less. Eventually, you’ll get to the point of picking up a card, some flowers, and maybe coffee in bed. Your wife will say, “Yes, my husband is an idiot romantic, but I love him anyways.”

Go forth with this new knowledge and never fear Valentine’s Day again.

Disclaimer: This entire article is written tongue in cheek. The author is in no way, shape or form responsible for anything if you actually take this advice.

For Mrs. D, I love you always and hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. Date night this weekend?