Weekly Writing Challenge #27 – The Notes

Prompt – “There are three notes waiting for me on my doorstep.”

There are three notes waiting for me on my doorstep. They are each labeled with a number. I opened up the first one and read, “Harry, you need to duck! Right now!” Wait a minute, was this a joke? I looked around to see if I saw any hidden cameras. The street looked empty and quiet. I opened the second note to see what it said. “Harry Gruen, this is John Ang, your friend. I’m telling you again, you need to duck down immediately!”

I chuckled, as I knew this was a practical joke by John. Except … I had never known John to play any practical jokes. He was humor impaired, as I liked to say. This made little sense whatsoever. Scratching my head, I looked behind the bushes to see if someone was hiding there. Maybe they were going to pop out and surprise me? I considered walking away from this seemingly insane joke. However, the third note made me curious. I had to open it and just let everything play out.

The third note said, “Harry, you always were a dumb bastard. I’m sorry for the headache you are about to have. Signed, Harry Gruen.” Wait? What? Harry looked up, dumbfounded. In that instant, an egg hit Harry on his right temple, causing him to fall over and hit his head on a rock. At almost the same time, a bullet just missed the back of Harry’s head and embedded itself in the door he had been standing in front of.

“Computing trajectory and got it, two doors down to the right across the street in the attic window.”

“Got him in sight,” said Harry. The rifle barked in his hand.

“Good kill,” said John. “Okay, let’s return to our timeline.”

“Wait, what about the notes? When I wake up, won’t the notes clue me in to what’s going on?”

“Harry, are you serious? I made sure the notes would dissolve in water and it is going to rain in approximately ten seconds from now.”

Harry looked up as the clouds overhead let loose their load of rain. He shook his head and laughed. “Of course you thought of everything. I wonder how many more times we are going to have to save myself from getting assassinated in the past?”

John stared at Harry with an exasperated look. “As many times as it takes to figure out why anyone is so concerned about what you do, that they risk coming back in time to kill you off.”

Harry laughed, “Hell, I have no idea what I’m going to do every day that I’m alive.”

Want to be part of the Weekly Writing Challenge? Using the prompt above, write your story and publish it with a link to this story. Make sure you tag it either md-wwc or #md-wwc

All stories of Harry Gruen are now linked on the Storylines page if you wish to read them all.


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