Book Cover Idea

First try, so I’m not expecting rave reviews. What’s good? What’s bad about this design?

I created it using Canva. Not sure about all the features, so I probably missed something.


8 thoughts on “Book Cover Idea

  1. Hi, Matt. I like the photo, although I’m not sure if there is enough contrast for it be eye-catching in thumbnail size. The font looks a bit fuzzy to me and doesn’t seem to go with the look or feel of the photograph.


  2. I like the top text, except the J is lowercase when I think it’s supposed to be uppercase. I don’t really like the “stage 4 to cured” text because it’s larger and brighter than the main title. Here are a couple of books that also have subtitles so you can take a peek and see how they did it:
    Dracula’s Guest by Michael Sims
    Murder with Daffodils by Beth Byers
    The First Kennedys by Neal Thompson

    Your name could be bolder, too. I love the image, though.


    • Interesting. Not sure exactly what is the most symbolic. I hope to finish this round of edit today and see if I can get a few interested beta readers. I’ll have to ask what they see as the most important feature.


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