Some Days …

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Some days, I don’t feel like writing. Some days, I want to write but am fresh out of ideas.

Today is one of those days.

However, I am being productive as I have finally knocked off one of my “To Do” tasks. I’ve completed the setup of the Storylines page. I’ll be updating it as I continue a series or start new ones.

This is by no means an original idea to setup this page. I saw it over on The Mansionic Perspective by Tom Merriman and pretty much stole the format from him.

Currently I have the following series going:

  • Harmony (Six Sentence Stories)
  • Harry Gruen (Can be read in any order)
  • The Curse
  • Brandon Sanderson YouTube Lectures.

Harry Gruen is about to join the Six Sentence Story this Wednesday (Spoiler Alert)


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