Weekly Writing Challenge #13 – The Universe

Prompt – What questions would you ask the universe? Include the answer’s too.

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

“Harry! I’ve finally finished. You have got to come down and see”, said John Ang on the phone.

“Holy Moly, I’ll be right there.”

John had been working for the last decade on his computer project to model the universe. A gifted hardware and software engineer, His obsession with this project was legendary.

After entering the security protocols which included an eye scan, fingerprints and voice recognition, I entered John’s lab. It had been several years since I had been there and I was amazed to see it crammed full with computer hardware and a single screen.

“Harry, it’s done. I’ve managed to recreate the universe in the computer.”

“Wait? You recreated the universe?”, I said incredulously.

Nodding energetically, he said, “Yep, I used a diamond tetrahedral multi-focal fiber optic design. Within the chamber, there are infinite ways to make connections by flashing light on the facets of the five hundred and twelve diamonds I used to create this beauty.”

“Huh? What does that mean, on second thought, never mind, it’s probably way over my head the technical details. So what can it do?”

Grinning widely, John said, “Ask the universe anything you want and she’ll answer you.”

Looking around for a keyboard to interface, I didn’t see one anywhere. John laughed.

“The universe has full audio and video capabilities, all you have to do is just say Universe and then ask your question.” Turning toward the computer, John said, “Universe, this is Harry Gruen, my best friend, he’s here to test you.”

With lights flashing off and on in various sections a female voice that was amazingly lifelike said, “Good afternoon, Harry. I’m the Universe and am willing and able to answer any questions you have about the Universe.”

“Whoa, that’s impressive. Hmm, how about this question? Universe is there intelligent life outside of Earth?”

“Of course there is Harry. Currently there are over 6 million intelligent life species in the universe.”

“Hmph, really? Then why haven’t we met any of them yet?”

John started giggling and bobbing up and down on his feet, “Wait until you hear this answer, it will blow you away.”

“It’s quite simple”, said the Universe, “As an analogy you can understand, Earth is like a lost tribe in the New Guineas or the Amazon rain forest. The other species know you are here, but haven’t made any real contact yet.”

I was stunned.

John laughed, “Come on, ask a really hard question like who really killed JFK or if Jesus was real.”

I thought for a bit and then said, “Universe, in Douglas Adams book ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’ he wrote that the Earth was basically a computer much like yourself and had found that the answer was 42. Before the Earth computer could come up with the question, it was destroyed. So what is the question?”

The Universe lights started flashing furiously in wild patterns getting faster and faster until it was almost a blur. Then suddenly we heard a pop and smoke started pouring out of the computer.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” wailed John, “You broke the Universe”

He rushed up to the computer frantically trying to repair it. I pursed my lips and decided that a quiet exit was in order and slunk toward the door.

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All stories of Harry Gruen is now linked on the Storylines page if you wish to read them all.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge #13 – The Universe

  1. Love this one! Love Douglas Adams, and what a great tie-in to the story! I like that he just slunk out of the room afterwards.


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