Conversation With My Inner Voice

This story is for Three Things Challenge #824 by pensitivity101

The three prompts are Dance, Plum and Overeaten

photo by pensitivity101

In the dark forests of Northumbria one might find many wonderous things. A two-headed frog for instance. If one was lucky they might even spy a sugar plum fairy. Perchance, you could capture the …

“NO, NO, NO”

“That is no way to write a story, are you completely daft?”

“Well,” I said, “I’m trying my best. The three words quite pointedly point towards the Nutcracker.”

“Seriously?” my inner voice said, “Pointedly point? And you call yourself a writer? This silly dance with words is getting quite on my nerves.”

I hung my head low, for I knew my inner voice was quite right. Other than trying and failing to recreate the Nutcracker, these three words had absolutely no reason to be together. My mind was blank. I could blame the fact that I had overeaten way too much bacon last …

“OH MY GAWD! Blaming bacon now are we?” blared in my head, “Everyone knows that there is no such thing as eating too much bacon.”

“Fine”, I said aloud, “I should just quit and never write again. Then I won’t have to listen to you anymore. How would you like that?”

“That’s a big damn relief, watching you write is like overeating a plum that dances through your guts and causes pain throughout!”

“Whoa, wait a second,” I exclaimed, “That sounds like you are trying to write using the three prompts and it sounds as bad as what I’ve written.”

My inner voice immediately said, “No, that’s not what … okay, maybe you’re right. We both are trying and failing. Let’s give this up and go eat bacon.”

Sounds like a hell of an idea to me.

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