Weekly Progress Report #8

It’s been a strange week. I’ve succeeded in writing every day on this blog, but have completely abandoned NaNo. I’ve also started a memoir that I hope to have the first draft finished this week. I submitted my MG short story to an actual MG publication. I’ve no word on either that one or the story I’ve submitted to Analog.

I think even though I’ve not written much this week on my projects, I feel like it has been a good week. I’ve explored in depth my writing process and the factors that are holding me back from being productive. Will that translate to increased writing? We will find out this week.

Goals for this week is to finish first draft of memoir and do the first round of edits. I usually do the edits on the PC for the first round. After setting it aside for a few days, I’ll print it out and do edits on paper. The Mrs. bought me a ten-pack of red pens. After the second round, I will ask a few trusted people to beta read it for me and take in their suggestions.

Depending on whether inspiration strikes or not, I do have a couple of short stories that I wrote a long time ago. They need to be edited and beta read. Then I will do the research to submit them. I’m increasingly aware that I have lots of different projects in progress, but very few completions.

In health news, I cheated like crazy from Wednesday to Saturday. I had milkshakes, pie, cake and donuts. Yes, I had good food also, but my sugar intake was much higher this week. Since being on this diet, I’ve been sleeping through the night. The last few days have been nights of interrupted sleep. Back to super low sugar diet starting today.

I get my next blood draw on Monday. Tuesday it’s time for my monthly visit with my oncologist. I am also scheduled for my next Lupron injection on Tuesday. On Friday I get to do the meet and greet with my next specialist, an endocrinologist. This is for my blood glucose levels being pretty high since last year. My primary physician is adamant that I’m Diabetic. I’m not so sure, hence the reason to see the new doctor.

Till next week, time and tide wait for no man.

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